July 16, 2024

10 Reasons I Love Budapest – a Beautiful City!

Hi guys, sure y’all doing great!

I just wanna share with the 10 reasons I really love Budapest!. It’s such an amazing city. Also feel free to share this post so many can enjoy the nice experience. So if you are thinking of leaving Budapest, after reading through, you’ll sure think twice.

Meanwhile, these are some nights shots I took close to the Danube River.


1. A Global City

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary which lies somewhere in Central Europe bordered by Austria, Croatia, Ukraine and others. Wikipedia describes Budapest as an Alpha Global City. This means that it is highly globalized and connects with basically all parts of the world. It shares this status with cities like Amsterdam, Dublin, Washington D.C., Rome, Houston and a few others. This means that it is an “advanced producer of services”. Morover, from here you can easily move to other European countries.

I recommend you read more on this here.

2. The Beautiful Danube River

The Danube River runs through Budapest and is such a beautiful sight especially in the night. The Danube connects countries like Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Croatia.

It’s a route for dozens of cruise ships every year. So anytime you take a cruise, stop over in Budapest and I’ll be there to welcome you!

3. Very Friendly People

This is actually something you need to experience. Budapest teams with a considerable population of young, active and friendly people. I can tell you this much and from my experience that  you would always get some help. Beside they speak good English, Hungarian and German and are always ready to assist strangers.


4. Good Public Transport System

The transport system is really very good. Basically, everyone  uses the public transport system. And let me give you an advice: “if you want to enjoy your stay in Budapest, then don’t buy a car”. This is my personal opinion.


5. Relatively not an Expensive City

This is also true in almost every aspects. While I don’t have all the statistics but with much less that $1,000, you can get a descent two bedroom apartment in a nice place. And for tourists, you can get a room in a 5-star hotel for as low as $30.00 and with much less you can find other decent hotels. It get’s interesting if you are on budget, then you can even go for something else.

6. International Community

For my two and half year stay in Budapest, I have actually encountered people from all corners of the globe. Some are there as students, researchers, tourist, married to a Hungarian lady(the ladies are very pretty!) and so one. Besides, you can find American, Frence, Asian, English and African restraunts


7. Very Intelligent People

I actually worked in the industry here in Budapest as a Research Intern. The professionals are really good in their fields. Hungarians I worked with included IT professionals, management professionals, researchers as well as some ordinary people. They are very brilliant and try to be the best in  what they do


8. The Buda Castle

I’ll simply say you need to visit to see for yourself. From the Buda castle you can see much of the city. If you let me know when you’re coming, I can make some time to show you around.


9. Easy to Get  a Job

Granted, there are different types of jobs you can go for. I mean, to get a decent job that allows you  to pay your bills, then it is easy if you have some skills. But if you are a genius like me (maybe in some fields), then be sure you’ll have options to select from.

10. Variety of Delicious Foods and Wine

The Hungarian people generally love varieties. For example, there are over a dozens of soups and half a dozen variety of wines. I recommend you try the legendry Gyulas Soup, the native soup the country. I’ll not forget to mention the renowned Palinka Wine, one of the best of it’s kind!

I’ll actually stop here, and I’ll be gathering more facts to present you with the little time I have left in Budapest.

If there’s something you’ll like to mention, please do so in the comment box below.

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Franklin Oduro
Franklin Oduro
2 years ago

I really enjoyed your article on Budapest. I usually watch your java tutorials on YouTube. I am a junior software developer from Ghana, and I am wondering if there are any scholarship opportunities for me to study in Budapest.