What is the Difference between Confirmatory and Exploratory Research

Today we will understand the concept of Confirmatory and Exploratory Research.  In other words, we can say Confirmatory and Exploratory Data Analysis
We begin with Confirmatory.

Confirmatory Research Data Analysis
Confirmatory research are research that test the validity of already made hypothesis, known as a priori hypothesis. This means that possibly some previous studies have been carried out on the subject matter and some results have been presented. This research method is normally based on previous studies, to confirm an existing result or theory
The benefit is that it makes the results more more meaningful.

Example: Providing evidence for existing hypothesis.

Exploratory Research Data Analysis? 
Exploratory research is one that aims at generating new hypothesis, known as a posteriori hypothesis.
This research method tends to generate new knowledge by examining a data-set and trying to find trends within the observations.
In Exploratory Research, the researched does not have any specific prior hypothesis.
The benefit of this research method is that it tends to adopt less stringent research methods.

Relationship Between Confirmatory and Exploratory Research
A number of studies includes both exploratory and confirmatory hypothesis. Sometimes, the exploratory hypothesis may not affect the analysis of the confirmatory hypothesis. In some other cases, both are carried out together. An example would be when a two-way ANOVA may have exploratory hypothesis for one of the factors and confirmatory for the other factor.

Table 1 presents a summary of the difference between confirmatory and exploratory research.

Table 1: Difference Between Confirmatory and Exploratory Research