Computer Programming Questions and Answers (Java, C, C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, HTML)

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What is Computer Programming?
Computer Programming is the process of developing the instructions used by the computer toe perform tasks

What is Programming Language?
A programming language is a language used to specify the instructions to be followed by a computer to perform a specific function

Give Examples of Programming Languages?
Some examplese of programming languages are: Java, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript and PHP

What is a High Level Language?
A high level language is a programming language written in a way similar to natural language used by humans to communicate

What is an Assembly Language?
An assembly language generated by a compiler as an intermediate language between a high level language and a low leve language.

What is a Compiler?
A compiler is a piece of software that is used to translate computer programs written in high level language to machine language

What is Machine Language?
Machine Language is the basic language used by the computer hardware. Machine language is normally in the binary (1s and 0s) form

What is a Loop in Programming?
A Loop in computer programming is a programming construct that executes a piece of code or a number of times based on some criteria

What is an Array?
An array is a data structure that is used to group a number of values together under the same name

What are some types of Loops?
Some types of loops are For Loop, Do-While Loop and While Loop

What is Queue?
A Queue is a data structure that allows for insertion and deletion of items such in a First-In-First-Out basis. The first item inserted is the first to be removed.ย  Items are inserted from one end called the head and items are removed from the other end called the tail.

What is Stack?
A Stack is a data structure that allows for insertion and deletion of items such in a Last-In-First-Out basis. The last item inserted is the first item to be removed.ย  Items are inserted and deleted from the same end of the stack. Removing item from the top of the stack is called popping.

What is SDLC?
SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It is a methodology that specifiesย  the various steps taken to develop a computer software.

What is an algorithm?
An algorithm is a sequence of steps taken to perform a particular task

What is JVM?
JVM Stands for Java Visual Machine and is a piece of software that installed in a computer to enable it run programs written in Java. JVM runs the Java Bytecodes


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