5 New Secrets About Crytocurrency in 2018 Revealed (Watch Out!)

Cryptocurrency-5-Secrets Revealed

My name is Kindson and I really appreciate seeing persons who try to get the real facts about what happens around them.

In this very important article, I would reveals 5 secrets about Cryptocurrency that you could not possibly get from any other source.

I know revealing them is a bit risky but, I would go ahead to reveal them since I have principle of enlightening people and sharing my knowledge. Besides, I would want everyone to benefit from my skills as a Cryptanalyst (Cryptocurrency Expert)

Secret 1: Why the Conspiracy?
Secret 2: Cryptocurrency is a Technology Being Tested
Secret 3: True Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto
Secret 4: Clues from 2017
Secret 5: Safe to Invest in Cryptocurrency
Final Notes

Secret 1: Why the Conspiracy?

When Edward Snowden revealed the mass surveillance programs carried out by the government, his actions were considered treasonable. The question is why? Why would the government blatantly break its own privacy laws? And so on and so forth.

The fact remains not that “You are being watched”,  “you are also being controlled”. Interestingly, the facts are all out there, just that, the public choose to ignore it, or are too busy to dig a little deep.
Recently, Facebook was in the court to defend activities related to privacy policy violations. As usual, the naive public don’t get much involved and ends up being the lab rats unfortunately.

The fact is this: you have a valuable asset: information which many are giving out without knowing the worth. At least, you need to know.

I do think that this would come to an end one day, but first the public needs to be enlightened.

Secret 2: Cryptocurrency is a Technology Being Tested

Make no mistakes about it, the cryptocurrency technology in years to come would revolutionize the way we handle funds. But there is a catch! This is a technology that would end up replacing the existing financial institutions and digitize all transactions currently based on physical currency.

Now, such a technology cannot just be rolled out. Therefore, since early 1980s when an American cryptographer David Chaum wrote about the idea of electronic money, research has continually been carried out to evaluate the effect of such technology when applied on a global scale. Believe me the test duration would likely expire by the end of this year and we would wait to see the what next.

The question is: Who is behind all this? The answer to this would blow your mind!


Secret 3: True Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

They told us that bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. We were also told that he is a Japanese. Then the person is unknown.Stop and think! Do you believe that the inventor of bitcoin would not be known? A technology that makes extensive use of the Internet and www and then the person is now known? This is very funny!

Now this is the fact:
Bitcoin is a collaboration between governments in America, Europe and Asia to control the finances of of the whole world masses in the future. Technology companies are used to achieve this especially – Telecoms firm. The key among them are:

Read these names once again. So when they cooked up the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, they think everyone would just accept this crap, not me!

Besides, research have been carried out to show that the “person behind the name” that posts information about bitcoin stays in the US. I rest my case!

Not just being watched!!!


Secret 4: Clues from 2017

Bitcoin have been growing steadily since 2009 and currently stands at about 8,810USD to one bitcoin.

But think of what happened in February this year. Bitcoin climbed to above 20,000USD to one bitcoin and then came back down to normal. Do you think this is normal especially knowing that bitcoin is not much affected by the changes in the capital market. This would help you to see that someone is pulling the strings.

What actually happened was part of the test process to see the effect of sharp changes in the currency when it finally goes into production.

Secret 5: Safe to Invest in Cryptocurrency

If you invest in cryptocurrency, not necessarily bitcoin, be sure that your funds are very safe. The fact is that you may need to wait for a long time to get the benefits.
You may not become rich overnight, but be sure that your money remains.

This is because if the test process terminates by this year, we can be sure that the plans for the actuall production and use would be put in place. So feel free to invest a little on cryptocurrency.


Final Notes

I would advice you to continue taking some time to search for the real facts beyond the obvious. Be sure that I’m here to give response to your questions anytime any day. What do you think?


Disclaimer: Information presented in this post are not verified and therefore, the  owner of this blog does not take any responsibility for the use of the content of this post.