AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners – Course Outline – 1


Hello! Today, you have a choice to make: whether or not to learn the most popular programming/scripting language in the world, AngularJS. This tutorial is for you. But let me tell you a bit about how this tutorial is organized.

This AngularJS tutorial we are about to kick-off is specially designed for beginners who want to learn a new technology in a very simple and easy way.

The interesting thing about AngularJS is the fact that it was developed by Google, not for experts but for everyone. You don’t need any programming knowledge to learn and use it.

This Tutorial is based on 3 strategies: Practice-While-Learning, Small bit a a time and Homeworks.


1. Practice-While-Learning Approach
This tutorial uses a PWL approach. PWL means Practice While Learning, which means that all through the period, you will have examples to practice what you learn. Sample code would be provided for you


2. Small Bit of Lessons at a Time
This means that the lessons would be short and interesting. Every week there would be a new lesson, you simply need to follow ‘Learn Computer Programming’ to get notified each time a lesson it published. The idea is that you will learn without any much effort.


3. Homeworks
At the end of each lesson, you will have a homework. This homework is expected to be completed in one week, that is before the next lesson is published.

The Course Outline – 1 and Video Lessons

SN Tutorial Topic Video Lesson PowerPoint
1 Introduction to AngularJS [Free video lesson 1] [Download ppt ]
2 Setting up AngularJS [Free video lesson 2] [Download ppt]
3 Your First AngularJS Application(Interesting!) [Free video lesson 3] [Download ppt ]
4 AngularJS Directives [Free video lesson 4] [Download ppt ]
5 AngularJS Expressions [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
6 AngularJS Controllers [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
7 AngularJS Filters [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
8 Working With Tables in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
9 Document Object Model in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
10 AngularJS Modules [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
11 Working With Forms in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
12 AngularJS Includes [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
13 Views in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
14 Scopes in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]
15 Services in AngularJS [Free video lesson] [Download ppt ]


We hope that in 15 classes we would cover this outline and trust me, you will be amazed by the time we are done, that you have learnt something new without difficulty.

For those that already have a knowledge of AngularJS, I’m working on another outline, that is the AngularJS Tutorial for Programmers – Course Outline 2. This is for programmers who already have a knowledge of AngularJS

I will be relating with a number of programmers to complete this outline and start the lessons.

Then the last tutorial would be AngularJS Tutorials for SharePoint Developers. This is very interesting because it allows you to build complete intranet applications if you already have access to SharePoint and have some knowledge of SharePoint.

For this third group, I would challenge you to examine the following lessons and give me recommendations on what you expect as a SharePoint Developer



So let’s brace up, as the first part of the series ‘AngularJS Tutorial For Beginners – Course Outline -1’ kicks  off by by the first week of July 2018.

If you have any comments or recommendations, leave it in the comment box below or to the left of this page.

Thanks and best wishes in your learning effort!