Is Time Travel Possible? Does Time Machines Exist? – An Expert Explains


You probably have heard of Time Travel.

I have seen many videos of persons claiming to be time travelers from different years telling their stories. Some say they came from 2100, 4897, 2050, 2935 etc.

And they tell stories of what the future looks like: cars driving themselves, no governments, almost everything being automated, digital cities and so on.



The Myths

First all this are imaginations or rather science fiction videos simple meant to entertain the viewers, and I do think that that is exactly what they are meant for, entertainment.

This is similar to the movie, Interstellar that featured, the actor John Cooper traveling with his team to a distant planet and by the time he came back, his daughter have become so advanced, looking like a grandmother to him.

Now on the real side of things, science has theoretically proven that it is possible to travel forward in time. Forward in time to the extent of a fraction of a second.  This is possible due to Newton’s theory of relativity.


The Principle of Causality

This is also called the Cause and Effect principle. It simply states that observed or unobserved effects have causes.
In simple terms, if the device you are reading this blog with is put into fire(cause), then it gets damaged (effect). Another example is that if there is an egg, then it was laid by a chicken.

Let’s now apply this to Time Travel. Now, let’s assume Time Travel is possible. Let’s say today, you have a car you have been using for 6 years, say from 2012 to 2018. So today being June 2018, you  decide to travel six years back in time to when the car was new, that is say January 2012. As you traveled back you met some angry youths set the car ablaze and burnt it to ashes. Afraid of your life, you decide to travel back to June 2018.


So the question now is:
Where is the car? Remember you have used this car for six years. Now if it was set ablaze in January 2012, then it is not possible you have been using it from 2012 to 2018.

In order words, the principle of causality has it that if the car has been used for six years (effect), then it have existed for years(cause). You simply can’t change it, you can’t go back in time to remove remove the cause of an already effected outcome.

Therefore, the universal principle of causality makes in impossible to travel back and forth in time.


Related Concepts

Yet there are other important concepts I would discuss in subsequent articles:

  • Is it possible to travel to the future, just to see how it would look like, without doing anything there?
  • How would the world be like in 200 years time, say in 2218?
  • Are there some living creatures in other worlds?
  • Are aliens real? Do they exist?
  • Are there some humans with super powers (that is superheroes)?


I would discuss these topics and you would know the clear answer to them. If you have any other question you would like me to answer, leave it in the comment box below.