How to Connect Netbeans to MS Access Database and View Data

In this lesson, you will learn how to connect Netbeans IDE to Microsoft Access database and used MS Access as your data-source in  your Java Project.

This would be in three steps. You can find the three steps below


Step 1: Create a database in Microsoft Access
You already know how to do this. To be able to follow this lesson:
Name the database LessonDB
Create a table and Name it tblStudents
In the table create four columns

  • ID
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Department

If you have done this correctly, your design view in MS Access would look like shown below:



Add some random data into the table in Access. Say about 5 rows or more. We would be able to open and view this data in Netbeans
For me after adding data to the tables, I have the content of the table as shown below:



Step 2: Create an ODBC datasource

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources



Click on System DSN.



Click on Add. It displays the Create New Data Source window



Choose Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb, *.accdb).

Click on Finish. Another window opens up

Help!!!! I could not see any drivers listed!!!!
The reason for this is that your Operating System is 64 bit while the MS Access is 32 Bit.

Open the Windows Directory in your C drive and notice this two folders



Inside the they SysWOW64, you will find odbcad32. Open it and continue from there. Add a shortcut to it for easy access.

Now that you have solved that problem, let’s continue.



Click on Select, and find the MS Access database we created previously.



Click on OK. This would take you back to the database selection window

Enter a name for the database. For me I used same name LessonDB. (Make sure that MS Access application is closed, otherwise, you can’t complete it)

Click on Ok to finish.



Step 3: Create an Application in Netbeans.

You already know how to do that.

Click on the Services tab at the left hand side of the screen.

Expand Databases > Drivers

Right-click on ODBC-JDBC Bridge and click on Connect-Using… as shown



It displays the New Connection Wizard dialog box.

Replace the <DB> with the name of the datasource  you created. For me it is LessonDB