My Presentation in SISY2018 Conference in Subotica Serbia

The event was the 16th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Informatics.
From Left to Right: Prof. Peter Krammer of Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Blatislava, Slovakia; Kindson Munonye of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Prof. Laszlo Horvath of the Obuda University.

Prof. Laszlo Horvath spoke on ‘Contextual Modelling of Engineering Structures while Prof. Peter Krammer spoke on ‘Enhanced Data Modelling Approach With Interval Estimation’
This are the highlights of my presentation:
Starting my presentation.
My new friends Tamara and Nemanja helped me take pics while during my presentation.
Research Objectives
The research would establish the performance trade-off of the .Net and the Java-based REST API implementation with respect to various parameters
  • Information system development time could be reduces
  • Well-defined basis for feasibility and performance
  • Right choice of API implementation technology
REST API Specification
  • Resource Identification via resource-based URIs
  • HTTP Methods
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • HATEAOS Compliance
Evaluation Criteria
  • Response Time
  • Code Complexity
  • Execution Speed
  • Throughput
  • Cost

REST Architecture
Explaining My Model by the REST Architecture
The REST Architecture for Mobile Services Application
Java-based APIs would be suitable for B2B scenarios such as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications that periodically transfer data across data stores
APIs developed using the .Net Framework for OLAP scenarios requiring frequency and successive updates
Since data-driven applications are created using modular approach, each module could be developed based on requirements
Limitations of  the Study
  • Use of Generated Data
  • Focus of only response time
  • Limited Data Size
  • Simulated Environment