My Research Tour Across Europe(Day 2) – SISY2018 Conference Day 1 in Subotica, Serbia

This is the first day of the conference.
But guess what, the programs starts by sometime by noon! So I have some time to make this write up for you and maybe let you know what the day’s activities would look like. And sure I have get to the venue early.
First, I need to look for a breakfast.

2. The Sights and Sounds of Serbia
Before now, I use to associate Serbia to the First World War. But right now, I am on ground and could not see anything that relates this beautiful city to any kind of violence as everywhere is quite peaceful. Take a look at some of the shots.

3. At the City Hall
This is the City Hall, where the first part of the program would take place. So I did the necessary registrations here

4.  Registration and Opening Ceremony
Just a formal process of registering the attendees. We receive our badge and conference pack containing a flash drive and the booklet. Was kind of boring though but it’s part of the initial procedures. I made some friends here.
Professor Levente Kovacs made a speech highlighting the benefit of the conference. He mention that SISY  is a global conference organized in different countries including Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Imre Rudas made some opening remarks as well.

5. Hightlights  of Plenary Session I (Prof. Philip Chen)
Professor Philip Chen of the University of Macau spoke on the theme: Board Learning System and Its Structural Variation.

He spoke about flat neutral network which helps to eliminate multiple layer neural network. Using so much technical jargon, he explained how the weight can be obtained for flat neutral network. I could clearly see that many of the attendees quickly became bored. He continued anyway and kept speaking and the screen was always filled with cryptic formulas.
He mentioned that Moore’s Pseudo-inverse or gradient descent can be used to obtain solution. Then the mentioned something on sparse-coding, but the explanation was not quite clear to me. 
He also discussed the concept of Broad Learning difference from Deep Learning as well as incremental learning where the following parameters were used.
  • 60000 training samples 
  • 10000 learning samples 
  • Manifold Learning 
How to deal with noisy data – by normalization 

The session chair, Prof. Imre Rudas then asked him: In one sentence, 
Deep Learning: A neutral network that tries to map the inputs to the output using multiple hidden layers

6. Highlights of Plenary Session II (Prof. Ljiljana Trajkovic)

Prof. Ljiljana Trajkovicj of the Simon Fraser University, Canada spoke extensively on ‘You and Your Career’.
She started by talking about her career history. She works in the Communications Laboratory at Simon Fraser, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
She spoke about the role of education in our lives and careers. She encourages the audience to try to do their best.
This presenter has a very rich academic and research profile including:
  • Member of Technical staff in AT & T Bell laboratories
  • Research Scientist in Bell Communications Research
  • Visiting prof. at UC Berkeley
  • Prof. Simon Fraser University
Did so much work in communication network including:
  • Modelling and analysis of computer networks
  • Analysis of complex systems and network
She has been a lecturer in nine different subjects in Communication Networks as well as Circuit and Systems
She referenced another presentation with the title ‘You and Your Research’ and emphasized the need for good preparation so that if the opportunity comes, then you can seize it.
She emphasized the need to develop very good communication skills
She highlighted 5 factors most influential people adopt to rise to the top according to 204 British CEOs
Some of them are:
  • Ability to work with a variety of people
  • Responsibility in in important tasks
  • Need to achieve results
She the talked about IEEE as a non-profit Organisation governed by US laws
IEEE as of the time of this conference has 374,778 members including 41,677 graduate students
She encourages everyone to join professional organization including Young professional organization and Women in Engineering

7. Highlights of Plenary Session III (Prof. Sonja Ristic)
Prof Sonja Ristic spoke on Model- Driven and Domain Specific Language Paradigms in Information System (Re)Engineering Projects
She started by talking about herself. She is a professor in the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science.
She say ‘a model is worth more than a thousand words ‘
She highlighted that there are different kinds of people, six categories:
  • Problem solvers
  • Dreamers
  • Researchers
  • Innovator
  • Creator
  • Tester

She talked about Software Engineering as a relatively young field. Also mentioned that software engineers are impatient an often times does not design along with users.
She says that software is abstract while real world is concrete but the says that this statement is not completely factual
She focused on Model-Driven Paradigm
She the mentioned and discussed Multi-Paradigm Information System design tool
She the summaries by highlighting Architecture Driven Modernization mentioning 9 key points:
Model-Dirven paradigms
She makes a strong statement ‘Engineers must be Responsabile’
If a builder builds a house and does not construct it properly and the house collapses and kills someone, the the builder must be put to death
Article 229 of the code of Hermurabi

9. Back to Hotel Room
Yeah! I’m back to my nice hotel room looking back at the day’s activities. That is me just relaxing as I already had more than enough at the banquet. So I never bothered calling the kitchen

10. Nice Supper and a Good Night Rest!