My Research Tour Across Europe(Day 4) – SISY2018 Last Day of Conference in Subotica, Serbia

Today, Saturday, 15th September 2018 is the last day of the Conference in Subotica Serbia.
The program would conclude quite early and then we would go for lunch in some local place.

During the Session on Conceptual Intelligence, my friends Tamara Katic and Nemanja Milicevic presented a paper with title: ‘Comparing Sentiment Analysis and Document Representation Methods of Amazon reviews.

Beautiful Tamara and Nemanja, both from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.
Novi Sad is like the second most popular city in Serbia after Belgrade.

This is me at the reception of the Subotica, Tech

In this pics is a friend of mine, Silviu-Iulian Toc of the University Politehnica Polisoara, Romania. He presented a paper on Friday during the session on Intelligent Mechatronics and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. The title of his paper is: ‘Modbus-OPC UA Wrapper using Node-RED and IoT-2040 with Application in Water Industry’. He did quite well as the presented with Adrian Korodi of the same school.

We went to some local place for lunch along Kelebia road.

Some ancient fireplace I saw at the place, I’ve not seen this before

One thing I could remember is that a home-made wine called ‘Palinka’ was served.

7. A Review of the Conference
It’s been three long days of conference and now I’m just thinking to myself: ‘what have achieved, being here?’.
Sure I’ve achieved so much. These are just some of them:

  • Of course I presented my paper
  • I added a new country to the list of countries I’ve been to, Serbia
  • Connected with scholar from different universities including: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Obuda University, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Subotica Tech and other