My Research Tour Across Europe(Day 5) – Home at Last! – Back From Serbia to Budapest

Hey folks!
Still on my Research tour. Guess what? Today being Sunday, 16th of September, 2018 would be exceptional. I’m waking up in Serbia today, and hopefully would be spending the night in Budapest, hundreds of kilometers away.

This is what being researcher is all about


Just as you know, I would first go about breakfast.

1. Today’s Breakfast
I had a simple breakfast as usual. I wish you could join me!

2. Packing for Departure
I would have done this the previous night, but I’m doing it now since I have some time.


3. At the Subotica Railway Station, Serbia
This is the same railway station I arrived. This  are some of the pictures of the train.


4. A Beautiful Train Ride
They call it railJet and it’s really a rail jet because you have the same feeling as in an air plane.
Air transportation, they say, is the safest means of transportation. But we all know that is not true. It’s the rail. This would be a discussion for a different time.


5. At the Keleti Payaudvar Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary
Disembarking from the train, it’s been an interesting 3-hour train-ride from Serbia to Budapest

Entrance to the Keleti Payaudvar Train Station


6. Home at Last
Would you not believe it! I’m back to my lonely home. Sure, cute little but lonely home really. You can see pix of my lonely home!!!

My Keyboard

I play this keyboard almost everyday. I play blues, love songs classical etc. That is what helps me cope with the lonely life here in the ancient city of Budapest.


I moved into this small apartment on the 21st of August 2018

7. Preparing Welcome Dinner
After a long trip, I deserve a welcome-home treat. So I’ll take a special meal tonight. I think I have some stuff in the fridge. But for the first time in my stay in Europe, I’ll be having a bottle of wine in my fridge.

But I wish i had this typical Hungarian meal!

A Hungarian Meal – Bread and Gyulas Soup