My Research Tour Across Europe(Day1) – Budapest to Serbia and Back to Budapest!

The Conference is the 16th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics and I have been scheduled to attend. It holds in the city of Subotica in Serbia from 13-15th of September 2018. It is titled SISY2018

Let me tell you about this epic trip.
I would also tell you how the Serbian police refused me entry into Serbia and sent me back to Budapest, Hungary.

Leaving Home
It was a beautiful Wednesday, morning and the weather forecast for the day was quite good at a temperature or about 20 degrees.
I took my breadfast of rice and egg source and took off to the busy Keleti Train Station
This is my little home and I’m all ready to go.
This is my little home and I’ll really miss playing my keyboard

This is me and sure I’m all ready to leave so let’s make it to the train station.
The Keleti Payaudvar railway station is quite busy and I’ll be catching a train by 11:57.
I hopped into the train an I have a room all to myself. And to tell you the truth, this is my first time making an international journey by train,

Just a little about Budapest, this tram car is said to be the longest tram-car in the world. I’ve not confirmed it though.
Longest Tram Car in the World- Budapest Tram 4-6
I would also show you around on the smooth ride so far from Budapest to Serbia. I took some pictures of some towns along the line.
The initial part of the train ride before thing started going wrong

Stepped  outside my cabin  

With some friendly passenger travelling to Serbia

Sleeping baby in the cabin, I could not speak so loud as I don’t want to wake up the sleeping child.
Then I’m Refused Entry into Serbia
First, I was not with the original of my Hungarian residence permit. So when we got to the Hungarian border town of Kelebia, the border police requested for my document, so I explained I’m not with the original so I provided a copy. They accepted, and after some check in their office, they could see my records were ok. So they stamped my passport and we moved on.

Then we entered Serbia at the border police checkpoint. They asked for the same thing, I explained that I just have a copy. The policeman says he needs to original and I pleaded that he should check their database for my records. This did not work and he insisted that I would not enter the country and must go back to get the original document. All effort by his assistant failed and all of a sudden, I’m on a train going back to Budapest after touching Serbia.
 Its so sad that I need to go all the way back just to get the original of a document.

This  is so sad
I arrive Budapest at about 9 pm. I prepare some rice and egg source and got a little chicken from the fridge. Took my supper, slept off and was ready for the next day
When I did some little finding, I figured out that:
  • Serbia is not a member of the European Union
  • Serbia is not one of the Shengen Countries
So I get the point now. They don’t have access to international records of citizens of the EU countries
This is the end of the First Day, I would provide you with update for each day. Thanks for reading

Thanks to the my supervisor Dr. Peter Martinek and thanks to the organizers of The Conference, 16th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics- SISY2018