What is SAP HANA – Beginners Tutorial 2

SAP Hana Tutorial 2

In Tutorial 1 we gave an introduction to SAP HANA and described the architecture of SAP HANA.

In this Tutorial 2, we would go further to discuss other bits and pieces of SAP HANA as well as how you can.

We would cover the following:

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Migrating Oracle to SAP HANA

Before SAP HANA, we have enterprise environments with Oracle backend connected to SAP Business Warehouse.
With SAP HANA, three steps would be required to make a migration to SAP HANA as illustrated in Figure 1.

Step 1: Transform the Oracle database into SAP HANA using one of the methods described in Tutorial 1 (BODS, SLT, DXC etc)
Step 2: Upgrade existing SAP Business Warehouse to a version that has support for SAP HANA.
Step 3: Connect SAP HANA to upgraded Business Warehouse


Introduction to SAP HANA Studio

SAP HANA Studio is an Eclipe-based application development tool used for creating information models in SAP HANA.
It Provides the following dedicated perspective roles:

  • Administrative
  • Modeller
  • Development

In SAP HANA Studio, you would be working with table and view. You can also load a table from a csv or xls file or other data sources.
The following views can be created using SAP HANA Studio:

  • Analytic View
  • Calculation View
  • Attribute View

We would then get into the a hands-on tutorial on working with SAP HANA Studio.

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