October 28, 2021

REST Web Services and APIs

Entity Framework With MVC - Thumbnail - Tutorial 8

RESTful Web Services Tutorial 8: Using Entity Framework With MVC – Database First

In this lesson we are going to use Entity Framework(EF) with MVC(Model-View-Controller) to carry out select, insert, update and delete ...
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.Net REST Web Services Easy Tutorials (How to Build RESTful APIs)

Good to know you are ready to learn! Be sure you are in the right place. Find below series of ...
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Tutorial 7 - Accessing Database with Entity Framework

RESTful Web Services Tutorial 7 – Working With Databases (Insert Country using DBContext)

Hello! Good to see you, I really appreciate your effort in learning. Thumbs up to you!😃😃😃😃 In this tutorial, we ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 4 – Testing the REST APIs using Advanced REST Client

Good to see you again! It is good to know that you have come this far. Thumbs up to you! ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 6 – How to Create an Entity Framework Class Diagram in Visual Studio

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to generate your class diagram in Visual Studio. This is very interesting ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 5 – Create Employee Database in MS SQL Server

In this tutorial, we are going to work with MS SQL database to set up our Employees database. Granted, this ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 3 – Creating and Calling a POST, PUT and DELETE Methods

In this tutorial, we would focus on creating the POST method, sending POST request and retrieving a response.ContentReview of Tutorials ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 2 – Setting up a REST Client

In this lesson, we would cover the followingReview of Tutorial 1Overview of REST ClientSetup of Postman REST ClientGetting used to ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial Source Files (Free ASP.NET C# Programs)

Tutorial 1 Source Files (APIDemo) - download free ...
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RESTful Web Services Tutorial 1 – Creating a REST API in Visual Studio(.Net C#)

I must say, I never knew how easy and clear this topic of REST API is untill I did it ...
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Richardson's Maturity Model

Richardson’s Maturity Model for REST APIs

Today, you will learn the concept of Richardson's Maturity Model(RMM), the key concept behind REST APIs. So, how do you ...
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