Series of Easy Tutorials on Bot Framework (How to Create Intelligent Bots using MS Cognitive Services)

Easy Tutorials on Microsoft Bot Framework

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Bot Framework Tutorials 1 – Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework

  1. What is Bot Framework?
  2. What is a Bot?
  3. What is Bot Builder?
  4. Tools You Need to Build a Bot
  5. Final Notes


Bot Framework Tutorials 2 – Create Your First Chat Bot in Azure(Step by Step) 

  1. How Bot Frameworks Work?
  2. What you need for this Demo
  3. Step-by-Step Procedure
  4. Final Notes
  5. Next Steps


Bot Framework Tutorials 3 – Understanding Bot Templates in Azure

  1. What are Bot Templates
  2. Basic Template
  3. Form Template
  4. Language Understanding
  5. Question and Answer
  6. Proactive
  7. Final Notes


Bot Framework Tutorials 4 – How to Create a Question and Answer Bot in Azure

  1. What is a Question and Answer Bot
  2. Understanding LUIS
  3. The QnaMaker
  4. Steps Build a QnA Bot
    • Step 1: Create the Question and Answer Knowledgebase
    • Step 2: Create New Qna Service
    • Step 3: Create  a Question and Answer Bot
    • Step 4: Link the QnA Bot to the QnA Service
    • Step 5: Test The Bot
  5. Final Notes and Next Step


Bot Framework Tutorials 5 – Training a Question and Answer Bot in QnAMaker 

  1. Examine the Base Questions
  2. Add Your own questions
  3. Create a QnaServer in
  4. Test the Service
  5. Train Your Service
  6. Quiz for You
  7. Publish and Test  The Service
  8. Create a New Question and Answer Bot in Azure
  9. Final Notes and Next Steps