10 Reasons You Need to be Playing Ping-Pong (Table Tennis)

If you don’t play ping-pong, then you probably should try to start now. Here a 10 reasons you really need to play ping-pong.

Let’s start with the first one

1. Helps you Loose Weight Fast

It has been clearly noted that 100% of new tennis players loose several kilos just in the first year of play. So I would rather say that instead of looking elsewhere, just go for a table-tennis board set up at home and you’re good to go. The reason this is the case is that when you play, you actually burn much of the body fats faster than as in other activities.


2. It’s Quite Easy to Learn

You simply need a friend to guide you for a couple of play and that’s all. You can figure out the rest as you progress. This is something I could tell you from my experience. I learned playing ping-pong as a kid. And guess what? No one taught me! I figured it out as I played with my dad, mum and siblings from time to time.


3. Helps you Fight Stress

This is my personal observation. When feeling stressed up, playing for about 1 hour helps me unwind. Sometimes, when you are weight down with much activities and stress of life,simply go play and then you see a new wave of motivation flowing through you.


4. Can be Played Both Indoor and Outdoor

So if you have a routine, then the weather would not be a problem. In winter just play indoors, in summer, outdoor. In this case you don’t break your routine. And Interestingly, there are different sizes of the ping-pong board so there may be no question of space where it would fit in in your home. Beside, some boards are foldable. So you can pack it up to a smaller space after playing.


5. It Strengthens the Bond

I actually could have made this the first point in the list. If you play the ping-pong with your spouse regularly, I bet you, there’ll be a closer bond that would be created and the love would actually grow. The reason for this is that when you play the ping-pong, the focus actually not only on the game or winning but also on the person you play with. This I can say for and I would like you to personally experience this. So instead of turning on the TV or playing around with your phone, simply play the ping-pong with your wifey(or hubby).


6. Helps you Keep Fit

This is different for loosing weight. In this case you stay fit. The reason is that ping-pong game makes you exercise all the necessary muscles. Tummy, arms, shoulders, thighs etc. Now this is important: what you need is to stay fit, not body-building, you’re not a wrestler! You probably don’t need all the muscles. And more to that, power is not measured by size of the muscles.So let’s not waste precious time on body building. It really doesn’t worth the time and effort. Go for ping-pong!


7. Easy to Set up

You can actually get a midsize tennis table for about $100.00. Then you can buy the racket for very little. Or you can even get a carpenter prepare one for even cheaper. But if you think this is too much for you, feel free to reach me.


8. A Game for Everyone

Actually, when I go to some club to play, I used to be impressed how good some old folks play. Good number of them are ladies! In fact, a wide variety of persons can be found there. So age actually does not matter here. In fact it seems to me that older folk play better. Additionally, kids are not left out. I actually played the ping-pong if I can remember well when I was about 10. So I would recommend buying rackets for your kids instead of phones!



9. A Stress-free Game

So kind of games get you stressed up and you are completely exhausted. Football for example. Beside think of the stress of going to the gym. All these benefits can gotten so easily with table-tennis. Another thing I observed is that, unlike other games, the ping-pong is not over-competitive. I actually played with a friend for about an hour without competing. We just kept playing.


10. A Game for the Techies

As a tech pro, I would love a game I could play and afterwards, get back to my laptop. I have it in ping-pong. So, I don’t know about you but whatever your area it, I believe ping-pong will be very good for you.

So what do you think? Do you already play? If not, try out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.