October 1, 2023


10 Reasons You Need to be Playing Ping-Pong (Table Tennis)

If you don't play ping-pong, then you probably should try to start now. Here a 10 reasons you really need ...
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Top Business Intelligence Tools

6 Top Business Intelligence Tools (2019/2020)

I would tell you about the 6 top Business Intelligence Applications you should know. Business Intelligence is simply an industry ...
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The Technology Behind Julian Assange's Wikilieaks

The Technology Behind Assange’s WikiLeaks.org – Why America has Failed to Take it Down

For the past week, Julian Assange has been in the news. He is the founder of WikiLeaks (wikileaks.org). This is ...
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Why You Should Immediately Read the Book “LOVING TRUMP”

Are you an American or interested in how events unfold? Then you should immediately read the book "Loving Trump". LOVING ...
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Do Superheroes Exist Today? (An Award-winning Article)

I still remember this line from my childhood days: “Superman and Robin Hood are still alive in Hollywood”. Of course ...
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Datarmatics Researchers Decimate Biscuit-and-Banana Puzzle

Dr. Wonu Nduka Mathematically!? Let the biscuit be "x" let banana be "y" and Let lollipop be "z" Such that ...
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What is Genetic Algorithm? (A Simple and Detailed Explanation)

Hello guys, I would be happy to give you a clear explanation about the concept of Genetic Algorithm. And this ...
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5 Keys to Getting Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification

I could tell you that of all the certification I've acquired as a Tech Professional, the Project Management Professional (PMP) ...
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Learn About Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attack

In this brief article, I will explain to you how the Cross-Site Request Forgery attack works in a very simple ...
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Project Management Knowledge Areas

Summary of the 10 Project ManagEment Process Groups (So you don’t forget)

If you are able to summarize the 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas fairly in your own words, then you will ...
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