Build Your First ChatBot in Visual Studio (Step by Step)

Build Your First Chatbot in Visual Studio

In this short tutorial, I would take through how to build a chatbot using Visual Studio (2015 or 2017).
Watch my video on How to Create a Bot Application using Bot Framework here



  1. Have Visual Studio Installed
  2. Download the Bot Application Template from this link (Skip this if you are using Visual Studio 2017)
  3. Download the Bot Framework Emulator from this link


Step 1: Unzip the Bot Template you donwloaded into this location:
C:UsersKindsonDocumentsVisual Studio 2013TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#

Note: Skip Step 1 if you are using Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio 2017 comes with a Bot Template.


Step 2: Create a Bot Application in Visual Studio. You can find Bot Application as shown in Figure1

Figure 1: Bot Application

Step 3: Run the Application. Click on the Run button to run the project. If you are successful, the browser window opens showing  the url of the application. Look at Figure 2.

Figure 2: Successful run of Bot Application


Step 4: Test in an Emulator: The Bot Framework Emulator simulates application like skype or any other messenger application.
Open the Emulator. It opens as show in Figure 3


Figure 3: Bot Framework Emulator


Enter the messages endpoint as shown in the Figure 3. Make sure the port number matches the one on your browser.

  • Microsoft App Id: Leave it blank
  • Microsoft App Password: Leave it blank
  • Locale: Leave it blank

Click on Connect


Now you can enter a message and hurray!!! you will have a response.

So this is how to create your First Chatbot in Visual Studio using Bot Template.

In the next post we would talk about how to troubleshoot common errors that may occur along the line. If you received any errors, mention it in the comment box below.

Watch my video on How to Create a Bot Application using Bot Framework here