How I Lost My Programming and Machine Learning Research Studio in Nigeria

I still cry when I remember what I lost in the in Nigeria couple of months before I relocated to Budapest.
It’s a very long story but I would just tell you a summary of it.

  1. Activities Carried out in the Studio
  2. Studio Equipment
  3. How I Lost Everything
  4. The Aftermath

I started building this research studio by late 2016 in my apartment in Port Harcourt Nigeria, and completed it by early 2017 and I wish I could explain better how much I values this studio. And just as you know, it is a home studio. I actually demarcated the living room(because it has much space) into two parts and used one part for the studio


1. Activities Carried Out

Some of the activities carried out in this studio include:

  1. Training: Online training sessions are conducted for my subscribers and local students
  2. Mobile Application Development/Testing: I worked on a number of Mobile applications for android and IOS
  3. Tech Video Production: Tutorial videos are produced in this studio for ‘The Tech Pro‘ and ‘Kindson The Genius‘ channel
  4. Research on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other related topics
  5. Writing Tech blogs for
  6. Reading, studying etc.



2. Equipment in the Studio

  • Hp Server
  • Magnetic Board
  • IPhone for testing mobile apps
  • IPad for testing Mobile apps
  • Macbook for XCode Development
  • 3 Windows Laptops for .Net and Android Programming
  • Recording Equipment
  • Network Accessories
  • Monitors etc



3. How I Lost Everything

On the night of August 8, 2017, same day I came back from Abuja where I went to the Hungarian embassy for an interview on my visa application. It was a quite night just like every other night.

There were 5 of us at home. Jadon and Shola slept in the second bedroom, Ishuka was in the living room while I was in my bedroom.

What I could remember was a voice in my room (sounded like a dream) asking: “Where is the money?” Before I could raise my head from the bed, I felt the nose of the gun in my neck. So I clearly realized what is happening and simply followed instructions. Now I can’t continue with any details.

At the end of about 20 mins when everywhere was calm, we all came out. That was when I realized that almost everything I labored for to build my studio are gone. Phones, tablet, cash, laptops etc

4. Aftermath

Went to the police and all that stuff, but no results. I simply have so auction and give away what was left of my vandalized studio/lab.

The worst part of it all was that I was so much demoralized and lost all motivation for learning and research and I could tell that even now I’ve not recovered from that night’s ordeal. And neither have I recovered from all the valuables that was stolen that nigh. I wish I could still have my home lab again.