5 Most Popular AI Programming Languages to Learn by 2019

AI Programming Languages (2)

So much changes is taking place in the field of programming.

Easy to Learn and Free
1. Python
2. R Programming
3. MatLab Script
4. Java
5. Prolog
Where Do I Start

The shift is now towards Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ThisĀ  I could tell you because in my 20 years of experience as a programmer, so much have change.
Languages I started with in 1998 like COBOL, FORTRAN and BASIC are not very useful to me at this time. But this time, the change is happening very fast as the shift is towards AI programming.


Easy to Learn and Free

The interesting thing which I would like to let you know is that the new AI programming, are quite easy to learn, at least you don’t have to go through much the difficult learning process we passed through in our time. Additionally, the tools you need to learn this programming languages are free. You don’t need to pay or licences for the compilers (IDEs or editors)

There are three languages you need to start to learn.


1. Python

Python is one of the most popular AI programming languages and currently being used in various colleges and universities in AI-related courses. Python is very easy to learn and lightweight as well. So you can set up Python in your system in few minutes.
Python can be used to write numerical programs and can be used to build web applications as well by using Django web framework
Python has support for object oriented programming, procedural programming as well as functional programming.
If you want to get started, these are some tutorials for beginners

2. R Programming Language

R is very useful in the area of Data Science in the analysis of data sets in Big Data analysis and other areas of AI Programing and Machine Learning.
R programming language can be used to produce graphical plots of relations and to develop machine learning models. Another interesting factor about R is the availability of a robust IDE called R-Studio which you can download for free.

3. MatLab Scripting

MatLab is actually a tool for Mathematics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and various areas of AI such as fuzzy logic and neural network.
But the important aspect of MatLab is that it allows you to write scripts which can run in its built-in compiler and allow you to create plots and visual representation of your model using the Simulink Toolkit which is part of MatLab.
The downside of MatLab is that you do need to pay to get the application, I don’t think there is yet a free version of MatLab


4. Java (JavaScript, AngularJS)

While Java is a general object-oriented programming language, it is also a good choice for AI Programming. This is especially true if you have some knowledge of Java.
Java provides a number of benefits which includes the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Free development tools
  • Incoporates Swing and AWT Toolkits (for GUI)

You can get started with Java with these tutorials for beginners


5. Prolog

This language has been around of a while and it can be considered the only programming language specifically design for AI. While it would not be the most popular at this time, I added it to my list as it has the benefit of being easy to learn and helps you improve your knowledge of AI programming.


Where Do I Start

If you are already a programmer, then you could start by focusing on the core AI programming Languages. If you are a beginner then you can start by taking the beginner courses below.
One thing that helped many programmers is getting involved in mini-programming projects such as Developing a Simple Calculator. I made a step by step for this which is very easy to follow and fee free to leave me a comment if you have any challenges.