Brief Explanation of Top 5 Technology Trends You Should Know in 2019

Top Technologies for 2019

Hello good to see you!
My name is Kindson The Genius and I would give you a brief explanation of these top 10 technology trends you should be aware of if you are leaving in 2018!
At least you should have an ideas of what they are all about. Let’s start!
I would try to be very clear, and without using technical terms.


1. Digital Currencies

I think you already know about this technology. This defines a way to carry out transactions based on only digital records. Basically same as cashless transactions but using technologies called Blockchain. Some of the most common digital currencies include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and SwissCoin. However, big question is, ‘would digital currencies one day replace the conventional physical currencies?. We just need to wait and see.

2. Blockchain: Blockchain

This is a a technology that enables financial transactions to be maintained in a network of computing devices in the internet. A distributed ledger is maintained and managed by several nodes around the world (as against centralized ledger used by banks today). This is probably one of those technologies that we would end up using without knowing all the details on how they really work. (Seriously, how many persons using  a remote control knows how it really works?)


3. Internet of Things and Industrial IoT

You can think Internet of Things as a technology that allows devices(“things including home appliances, cars, cloths…just anything) to have identifications tags such as IP addresses and would be controllable via the internet. Going further, these devices would be ‘aware’ of themselves and would be able to control themselves and other devices without human intervention. Eg.a car fixing its own fault by updating its firmware etc. How about turning off your oven from your office? I thin we are almost there!


4. Assisted Transportation

I think an easy term to use may be Automomous Vehicles. We already see some strides made by Tesla. But Assisted Transportation covers a wide array of technologies rangin from remotely operated vehicles(ROV), drones to fully automomous vehicles. It is predicted that in the next 50 years, there would be entire cities with only Autonomous vehicles running them. But if this is really achievable remains a subject of debate.


5. Deep Learing

This is not the same as Machine Learning which is simple a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning has to do with systems that improve over time by ‘learning’ new things. This is achieve by analysis of input data using complex algorithms. Deep Learning allows organizations¬† to make near-accurate¬† predictions about the future and is achieved using technologies like GPUs, FPGAs. Applications such as video or image and voice recognition are being developed using Deep Learning. It is expected that Deep Learning would make it possible to completely close the language barrier by the next couple of decades.


Final Notes

There are still whole lot of technologies out there that it transforming the way we do things in out mordern world. But for now, I think I would discuss five at a time and would try to keep it as brief and simple as possible.
If you have any observations or comments, leave it in the comment box below. I would like to thank you for reading.